LinPlug_Albino_VSTi_v2.2-PLZ 1.04

LinPlug_Albino is analog synthesizer software for VSTi, AU and RTAS
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LinPlug_Albino_VSTi_v2.2 is analog synthesizer software for VSTi, AU and RTAS. This plug-in features many filters having various characteristics. There are four different types of filters known as silk, cream, scream and comb. Each filter has three modes with top notch quality for the filter cutoff and resonance.

There are 20 filter modes in total. These filter modes can cater to different mood and genres of music. The oscillators have four sources which include analog, digital, noise and audio input. Four oscillators can be used in each layer with up to four layers in each patch. The oscillators get multiplied using the spread function. A single preset can contain up to 80 oscillators. The plug-in consists of analog and digital basses, clean bell like tones, hybrid tones reminiscent of Roland d50 sounds etc.

There are various types of atmosphere such as warm, glowing, oozing, sterile, glassy etc. The layers can be paired up with the chord function to make great combinations. The arpeggiator can be used along with the chord functions. It has a huge library of presets that can create many sound effects.

Albino_VSTi gives freedom to the user for creating different effects using the built-in options and effects of the synthesizer.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Variety of effects and presets


  • Instrument editor is not streamlined properly
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